Team : Newcastle United vs Arsenal Live

Newcastle United vs Arsenal live Stream Newcastle United vs Arsenal Live Stream En Vivo.

English Premier League
Team : Newcastle United vs Arsenal
Date : Monday, April 1, 2019
Start Time : 3:00 PM ET

Newcastle United vs Arsenal Live

Arsenal have won all six of their home league matches in 2019 and are one of only three of the 92 English league clubs yet to drop a home point this calendar year, along with Manchester City and Sheffield United.There are very few top flight matches Monday, before a chaotic week of fixtures all across Europe.

Next week is when he fun really begins, especially for the Premier League teams. All of the top six will be in action across Europe: four teams in the UEFA Champions League, and two others in the UEFA Europa League.

But before the teams get their glamor ties, they have a lot to do at home. The race for the title, and for the top four, is about as close as any season in the last decade.